About us....

February 29, 2020 – the day Karl retired from his Real Estate business and

started the final prep work for our van-life journey to begin. For over three years we researched van-life, determining everything we would need to live full time in a van and travel throughout America.


We purchased our van and built it out to our liking. Our children were well established and on their own. The house we lived in for 20 years went into contract, paving the way for our new life.


The first stop would be Penn State’s Spring Game on April 18. Go Nittany Lions!  My last day of work was set for April 8. We would enjoy Good Friday and the Easter weekend with family before setting out on our new adventures.


And then:


March 22 – Stay at home order in Ohio due to Covid-19. All non-essential

businesses closed.


March 25 – National Parks closed


April 7 – Our house that had been in contract closed, and we moved out.

Karl and I lived in our van which was parked at the driveway of my sister

Leslie and brother Nick’s house.


Today is May 14, 2020. We have now lived in my sister’s house (not the van) for 5 weeks. Not much has changed with this horrific pandemic, everything is uncertain, but we have placed our trust in God – the Author and Finisher of our faith. 


So, this is where our new van-life journey begins. Today we leave the

comfort of someone else’s home and hit the road in our tiny van-home,

traveling to the driveway of Debbie and Claude in Wheatland, Pennsylvania with a short stop at Alum Creek State Park in Lewis Center Ohio.


Only God knows for certain what our next destination will be. We are hoping for National Parks to open soon, but if not, your driveway may be next!                 



Connect with us as we discover America!

Our story

and our home.